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There are multiple reasons why people choose to wear hats. For some, it might just be for fashion, others might have hats as a part of their uniform.But, the case is surely deeper than this for state troopers don’t you think so?


Why do state troopers wear hat?

The job of a state trooper, just like so many officers of different law enforcement agencies is a very risky one. It’s almost as if they are always in the line of danger and therefore, need to be protected at all times.

The hat of state troopers is highly functional and serves as a very important part of their uniform.You heard right. It is a part of their uniform and a very important one at that. We shall be breaking down it’s importance to you in a bit.

Importance of state troopers hat

Psychological importance

There is also a psychological undertone to state troopers use of the hat. Whenever they are seen wearing one, it gives a sense of security and stability to members of the public around, because of the aura released by the officer wearing it.

The hat gives a feeling of a superior authority and power that everyone immediately recognizes and respects both children and adults alike.

It is as a result of this that in some cases, decorum and orderliness are restored, just by the mere presence of the hat and its psychological effect on the minds of people.

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Situational importance

Due to how functional the hat is, state troopers are made to wear different ones, appropriate for a particular situation.

For instance, there is one which is called the ‘Watch cap’. It’s primary function is to provide warmth and comfort for the troopers during very cold periods like the winter season.

It is called a watch cap because it is being worn by troopers drafted to be on the watch. It comes in several variants and they can be either lined or not.

The materials used in its production is largely responsible for the comfort experienced when worn. They are made with materials like wool and low pill acrylic fiber.

The lined variant of this durable knitted cap also has a windproof feature, it is super breathable and has a wind stopper lining.

Another example of a situational hat is the Military Styled Fatigue Caps.

The intriguing thing about this hat is that it seems just like any other baseball hat out there to other people but, it is highly functional and far from being ordinary.

These fatigue caps are stretch fitted with a bill that serves as a form of protection for the eyes of the officer when worn on very windy or sunny days.

Lastly, we have the very important Hi-Vis Skull Cap. The function this hat performs is a very crucial one. It makes the officers wearing it more visible. This, it is able to achieve with its very high visibility hues.

Apart from the crucial role it plays, the hat also has a beautiful outlook. These sleek hats are colored bright yellow with a crosswalk patterned edge, a feature responsible for the visibility the hats gives.

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The hat still offers warmth too although, not as much as the watch caps.

There you have it. Some of the importance of the hat worn by state troopers. However, the use of hats by them is not restricted to these alone. We have other reasons why not just state troopers but, most officials of other security bodies wear a hat. Let’s check them out below:

5 reasons why security officials wear hats

We have always known most security officials to have caps as part of their uniforms. Police officers, the military officers and so many others all have hats that go together with their uniforms.Let’s check out below, 5 reasons why most security officials wear hats.

The hats serve as protection for their heads

The job of most security officials is a very risky one in which a lot of work mishaps can occur at any time. These workers are exposed to danger that can come from any quarter.

Wearing the hat helps to keep them safe and protected from either harsh weather conditions or something else entirely.

Hats are a part of their tradition

You might think this reason is invalid but, it is pure fact. Think about it; has there ever being a time that you can remember seeing security officials that work in national security agencies, with uniforms that leave their head bare?

I bet you came up with nothing and it is on this premise that we base our assertion when we say that it has always been a tradition for most security officials to wear a hat.

For people in the police force, they can even get written when it is being noticed that you dress up without a hat.

So yeah, we strongly believe that the age old tradition of security officials wearing hats contributes greatly to why it is still being worn today.

To keep their heads warm during very cold seasons

There’s no denying the fact that hats are a great source of warmth during very cold seasons. Some law enforcement officials do have a special type of hat they they wear during winter.

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It is called the ‘stocking cap.’ or watch cap. Some of these caps are lined while others are not and their main function is to offer warmth when it’s cold.

The hat is part and parcel of the uniform

Most security officers have hats as a part of it. Therefore, when you are expected to show up in your complete uniform, you have to include the hat as it’s part of the full regalia.

If your job requires you to dress in your complete uniform not just on special days but every working day, it invariably means that you must wear the hats everyday.

Hats serve as a form of identification

Security officials can easily be identified by their hats. These caps have some sort of logo or badge of the parastatal that makes it very easy to know who the officer in question is and the agency he represents.

What is another name for trooper hats?

Campaign hats or a campaign cover. It is a wide-brimmed cowboy hat with a high crown. The hat can either be made in felt or straw variant depending on the weather. The hat is mostly referred to as a stetson but, they are miles apart as it does not have the same brim or crease as a Stetson.

The name campaign hat came about during the year 1872 regulations when the hat was modified to be more functional.

Are trooper hats compulsory for state troopers?

Since the hats are part of the uniform, is it then compulsory for state troopers to wear them at all times?

It is compulsory for troopers to put on their hats whenever they are in public. Appearing without your hat on means you are not completely dressed and passes you off as unserious.

However, they can feel relaxed and pull it off when they are indoors or in patrol cars.

How are trooper hats worn?

The hats are to be worn a little slanted downwards. You can achieve this by extending both your middle and index fingers then, have them stretched along your nose till the tip of the index finger gets to your brow line.

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Lastly with the other free hand, press down the brim of the hat till it gets to the top of your middle finger.Following these steps help position the hat well at a uniformly downward angle.

Trooper hat rules

Like earlier stated, the hat is an integral part of the uniform and must be treated with respect.You must have them well ironed before you wear. The brim should always appear straight and not rumpled up.

Your hat should bear the right rank pin stationed above the brim. You might not see this on the hats of scouts and tenderfoots as they do not need one but, second class scouts and other higher ranks have their own special pins apportioned to them.

Most importantly, since all hats are made the same, you should have your name on it for easy identification. You can have your name clearly written somewhere inside the hat.

The hat strap should be properly fixed and aligned with the buckle on the upper part of the hat placed above the brim.


For state troopers, the hat is more than a fashion accessory. It is more functional than fashionable for them. Asides from the functions it performs, it helps also in improving the overall outlook of law enforcement officers.

Again, there’s that sense of respect that oozes out from troopers when they are seen in their hats and, that immediately instills orderliness and discipline in the environment

Furthermore, there’s also that sense of pride it fills the troopers with. The pride of knowing that after years of training, you are finally found worthy to be placed in a position to serve your Nation.

Why do state troopers wear hats? It’s simple. The hats signifies honor and control. For them, the hat is not just a hat, it is a signature


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