Who has the deepest voice ever? (2023)

It’s difficult to definitively answer the question of who has the deepest voice ever. However, there have been a few people that have earned the title of having one of the deepest voices ever.

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One notable person with a very deep voice is Barry White, an American singer-songwriter in the ’70s. White’s voice is described as a very rich baritone that is easily recognized around the world. His deep timbre was one of his most distinctive characteristics as a musician.

Another person known for having a deep voice is Boris Karloff, an English actor and singer. Karloff’s career was primarily within horror films, and his iconic voice was one of the main ingredients to his success.

His voice was deep and slightly accented, making the eerie tales of monsters come alive.

Finally, John Lee Hooker was yet another performer known for his deep voice. An American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Hooker’s deep raspy voice was distinctive in his blues music. It can be argued that his deep voice was key to the success of his blues standards.

Many people have come, and gone, claiming to have the deepest voice ever. However, the three above have arguably the deepest voices to have ever been recorded.

Which singer has deepest voice?

It’s difficult to say which singer has the deepest voice, as it depends on individual preference. Some may say Barry White because of his signature, rich bass, whilst others may cite Johnny Cash for his iconic, resonant baritone.

Other notable singers with particularly deep voices include Tom Waits, George Clinton and Leonard Cohen.

What is the rarest voice?

The rarest voice is known as the whistle register, named for its clear and high-pitched sound like a whistle. It is also referred to as the flute register, due to its similarity to the sound of a flute.

It is so rare that some believe only a small number of professional singers have the ability to use and control it.

The whistle register is the highest of all vocal registers, even higher than the head register. They are only attainable by careful training and specific techniques, so many singers opt not to use this range.

It requires a different level of vocal control, using a combination of breath and sustained vocal cords to achieve the desired whistle sound.

The tones of this register are incredibly high-pitched and often quite difficult to hit. The whistle register has rarely been heard in popular genres of music. The biggest use of the whistle register is found in gospel music and some types of opera.

The rarest voice has been likened to a bird’s song, and it doesn’t sound exactly like a human voice, making it extremely unique and difficult to master. Thus, it is considered the rarest voice among professional singers.

What is the most powerful voice type?

The most powerful voice type is the Bass voice, the lowest of the four main voice types. It is described by its very low vocal range and is usually a deep, resonant voice that is rich and full-bodied.

The bass has the greatest dynamic range, meaning they can produce the softest to the loudest sounds, and often times have a wide vocal range that encompasses three or more octaves. Bass singers are also noted for their ability to remain in pitch, even when singing in low registers.

They are often called in to take the lead parts in choral pieces, as their voices can provide the foundation and body of the sound. As a result, they are a crucial part of any group.

Who has the most unique voice?

That’s a tough question to answer as one person’s opinion of a unique voice is subjective. Additionally, a variety of factors come into play, such as vocal range, pitch and intonation, and even the type of music a person sings.

Many popular singers have unique voices that have become instantly recognizable and associated with their music, such as the late Aretha Franklin. Her powerful, gritty vocals and gospel-tinged style set her apart in the industry.

Another vocalist who has a unique voice is Mariah Carey. Her overwhelming vocal range and well-known whistle notes make her voice instantly recognizable. Lastly, Elton John’s is another unique voice – full of emotive power and with a strong vibrato, his characterful and emotional singing has been an instant hit with music fans for generations.

Ultimately, deciding who has the most unique voice is a matter of opinion.

Is a baritone voice rare?

Yes, a baritone voice is considered to be relatively rare. This is because the baritone range is lower than the average speaking and singing range of the majority of people. Baritones are generally characterised as having a range from F2 (low) to E4 (high) which often places them lower than the average for many singers and speakers.

The baritone range can also, at times, overlap with the bass range and so is often seen as rare. Additionally, certain instruments, such as the flute, are not known for producing a baritone range. For these reasons, baritone voices are considered to be rare.

Is tenor a rare voice type?

Tenor is a common voice type, and is rarely considered to be a rare voice type. It is the most common male voice type and is classified as a high male voice, typically extending from C3-C5 (tenor C) and A2-A4 (countertenor).

It is one of the most recognized and popular voice types in modern music. While there are some less common voice types, such as a basso profundo, that may be more rare, tenor is a very common voice type.

Tenor is the highest male voice type and is known for its strong, melodic sound. Its use dates back to the days of early opera and has been used in many different genres since then. Tenor is generally associated with powerful, sentimental, or even heroic singing.

What voice is attractive?

The beauty of the human voice lies in its unique, individual qualities. Attractiveness is subjective and differs from person to person as we are all drawn to different things. Generally speaking, an attractive voice is one that has a smooth and pleasant tone, with an even volume and clear diction.

A voice that has depth and resonance and is not too harsh, high-pitched or shrill can be attractive to some. An attractive voice may also be one that carries a sense of comfort and assurance, or a quiet strength and confidence.

A person’s style, delivery and content can also contribute to their “attractiveness” in terms of how they use their voice. Someone may have a pleasant sounding voice yet their style may not be attractive to the listener.

Humor, knowledge, emotion, and charisma have all been known to add appeal to someone’s voice. Ultimately, it is up to the listener to decide what type of voice is attractive to them.

What voice type is higher than soprano?

The voice type that is higher than soprano is typically referred to as a “coloratura soprano. ” This is the highest range of female voice, and it reaches up to the F above high C. Coloratura sopranos are capable of extremely precise and colorful ornamentation, producing trills, roulades, and other melismatic vocal effects.

They are traditionally associated with opera and other classical forms of singing, but have also found success in contemporary genres such as pop and rock.

What is the lowest note ever sung by a man?

The lowest note ever sung by a man is C-1 (8 Hz), sung by Tim Storms, a vocalist with a tenor range that reaches around G-7 (3136 Hz). Storms achieved this remarkable feat at the Beyond The Voice Competition in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2009.

The feat earned him a Guinness World Record for the ‘Lowest Note Produced by a Human Voice’. Prior to Storms’ achievement, the lowest note recorded by a man was a B♭-1 (58 Hz). Tim Storms’ feat not only established a Guinness World Record but also showed the impressive range and power of the human voice.

How low can the average man sing?

The lowest note a man can sing is determined by each individual’s vocal range, which is determined by many factors including biology, technique, and practice. Generally speaking, the typical male vocal range is from the bass low F (which is the F below middle C) to the tenor high G (the G above middle C).

However, depending on the person in question and factors such as the person’s size, strength, technique, and natural range, the range can be lower or higher. For instance, baritones can sing notes lower than the low F and basses can sing notes even lower.

At the other end of the spectrum, a trained tenor can have a range that extends up to an E or a high F. So, in conclusion, the average man can sing notes that range from the low F below middle C to the tenor high G above middle C, though some may be able to reach even lower or higher notes depending on individual range and skill.

What is Adele’s lowest note?

Adele’s lowest note is a D2, which is the lowest note on a standard 88-key piano. It is two octaves below middle C (or C4) and is found at the far left of the piano keyboard. Adele’s vocal range spans from D2 to D6 and has been compared to the vocal range of contemporary artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera.

Adele has shown herself to be a naturally talented singer with a three octave range and rich, soulful voice. What’s more, she is renowned for her expressive and emotive performances, and her ability to sing high notes and powerful runs.

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